2014 Fall Pic | My Life

Another year passes just like that.

Just means they are growing up way too fast.

Just means that I’m getting older way too fast too.


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Mini Vacation | My Life

Took a short mini vacation with the family.

All 21 hours of it.

#COlors (Creative right???)

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Corey’s Senior Portrait Session | Tommy Han Photography

Settling in Parker has been the longest time I’ve ever stayed in one place. In fact before here, the longest I stayed in one place was probably 2 years. We are so thankful for a home, community, and all the wonderful neighbors that we are surrounded by. Corey was in elementary school when we first met him but now, he’s a senior in high school. Wow. Time flies (and I’m getting old fast!).

This session was very personal to me. So thankful to be able to provide these photos for Corey.

Love you guys and thankful that we get to share life together … and the fence, and the water drainage, and the cul-de-sac, and weeds (unwanted grass type)…:)

© 2014 Tommy Han Photography

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Ashley’s Senior Portrait Session | Tommy Han Photography

What a gorgeous day! Perhaps the last “hot” day before the weather cools down for good??

Today I got to photograph Ashley. Such a sweet sweet girl. I think I complimented her hair multiple times throughout our session. Haha. She was definitely fun to work with today.

Ashley, congrats on becoming a senior this year! Hope you enjoy these preview photos from tonight.:)

© 2014 Tommy Han Photography

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Janet’s Senior Portrait Session | Tommy Han Photography

Thank you mother nature for putting an extra stress to my client today. Must you rain like crazy right before our session??? However, I am so glad we decided to meet anyways because the weather and lighting could not have been any better.

Not only that, today’s client rocked the session. She was so fun and easy to work with. And she could NOT wait to go home to do her homework!!!  Right Janet???:P

Well I really hope you enjoy all the wonderful images from today. It’s all YOU Janet!:)

© 2014 Tommy Han Photography

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